Sunday, July 25, 2010

More Day 2


Across the street from a psych facility just outside of Portland a computerized sensor detects a possible problem. The conductor complains over the loud speaker about the new fangled sensors. In the old days, the engineer in the caboose would watch the train for problems. They eliminated the engineer’s job (and the caboose!) when they invented the sensor. The crew looks everything over and finds nothing wrong with the train.

We pull into Portland an hour and a half late.

One more stop and we climb off the train in Vancouver, Washington. Mark’s half brother, Dave, drives us to their Dad's ranch.

It takes until the next day to shake the feeling of constant movement. Train legs.

Bill's stump ranch has no internet and poor cel phone reception.

I embrace the slow vacation.


  1. You're there! Hope you have a fantastic time.

  2. Laurie: thanks for being so supportive of the blog! Not only are you prolific, but you are a supportive reader!

    Kimberly: thanks for reading, too! A stump ranch is a ranch where they cut down trees. Luckily Bill's has not been clear cut, but in Washington and Oregon you see a lot of that.

  3. Stump ranching is some pretty slow work, I hear tell.