Sunday, August 22, 2010


Ever notice that marketing works best when it’s most familiar? When you see it every day the inane names and tag lines seem perfectly normal. But we are traveling, so some of it seems odd…

Take the Canadian chain store, Indigo, whose motto “Books, Gifts, Life” promises a lot when you stop to think about it. Dante really wanted to purchase some extra life there, which inspired Zora to wonder “Do fries come with that life?”

And there’s the discount clothing store, Winners. Zora bought a pair of running shoes (60% off!) there. Mark tried on 5 suits (half off!), and wondered if his travel experience would be much improved if he wore a suit everywhere. I tried on some most excellent German-made leather shoes with a flower on the side (only 25% off). I almost bought them despite the fact that they were too small for me. They made me feel like a winner.
We all felt like winners at Winners, except for Dante who was born with a natural immunity to marketing campaigns and dislikes purchasing things. But doesn’t he look like a Winner in this photo?

Regardless of the odd marketing, Zora’s zest for Canada is increasing with frightening intensity.

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